Increasing The Value of Your Enterprise

Based in Reston, VA, Peloton Strategies Group specializes in guiding business owners and executive leaders through strategic growth with the goal of increasing the enterprise value of their company. We are comprised of industry leaders with decades of operational, financial, sales, acquisitions, and growth experience.

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Meet the Peloton

Who is in the Peloton?

We are former business owners who have sold our companies.  We are retired Government executives with decades of leadership over mission-critical operations. We have walked in your shoes and understand exactly what your are going through.  Peloton Strategies Group can help grow your business, conduct effective strategic planning, and ultimately help you increase the enterprise value of your company..

What is a Peloton?

In the high-speed world of bike racing, cyclists work together in a group to save energy.  This group is called a Peloton.  The efficiency of the group drives to the finish line faster, and smart cyclists know that they only win by working together.  Smart business owners use their resources efficiently by hiring experts to focus on the complex issues that come with growing a company.  By working together with our network of partners, you the business owner will reach the finish line with the greatest value for your company.



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